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Balanced Diet

Providing the ultimate benefits in dog and cat nutrition

• Scientifically formulated to provide completely balanced, world-class quality nutrition.
• Based on continuous research, formulations are constantly upgraded to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.
• Premium quality ingredients ensure a highly digestible, nutritionally balanced, deliciously satisfying diet that guarantees your pets optimum health.
• Easily digestible food means that pets need less to be satisfied and obtain their nutritional requirements. This reduces the cost of feeding as well as stool volume.
Perfectly balanced
• The quantities of essential nutrients are precisely balanced, because too much can often be as harmful as too little.
• Manufacturing is strictly monitored to ensure that the formula does not vary with each production run. This ensures that your pet receives the same balance of ingredients and nutrition every time.
• Veterinary approved products do not contain artificial flavourants, colourants or excess salt and sugar.